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We know that you see the value in museum engagement and want to support the mission of Exhibit Envoy. All non-profit organizations, as well as governmental and for-profit organizations, are invited to become an Exhibit Envoy annual member.

Membership Program

Members of Exhibit Envoy enjoy additional benefits and services that save you money and time.

Membership are available for non-profit, governmental, or for-profit organizations with temporary/traveling exhibit programs. Annual Institutional membership fees are based on annual operating budget.

Annual Operating Budget     
Membership Fee 
Under $250,000
$251,000 to $500,000
$501,000 to $1 million
Over $1 million


  • Priority booking and 15% discounts on Exhibit Envoy’s traveling exhibits
  • Coordination of exhibition shipping
  • Participation in selection of upcoming exhibits
  • Option to serve as a beta test site for new exhibits
  • Access to professional development opportunities for free or reduced fee
  • Access to re-grants program when available
  • Invitation to EE networking events

Interested in becoming a member? Email Amy Cohen at amy@exhibitenvoy.org to get started!


Thank you to the following museums for being members of Exhibit Envoy.

Exhibit Envoy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax deductions to the fullest extent provided for by law. Exhibit Envoy was previously known as the California Exhibition Resources Alliance.